Mannix Gas Heaters Maintenance Tips to Prepare for the Winter Season

It’s crucial for your gas heater to do you justice and serve you for several years to come. However, for that to happen, you’ll need to take good care of them through regular maintenance. Unfortunately, Mannix gas heaters Adelaide don’t take care of themselves. You’ll need to do that burden on your own. However, maintaining your gas heater isn’t as hard as it may seem. The following maintenance tips will help you take care of your gas heater and make sure it’s in excellent condition for years to come.


Gas Heaters AdelaideEnsure You’re Working Under Safe ConditionsMannix

When working on your gas heater, make sure you take safety into serious consideration. You wouldn’t want to hurt yourself during the process. Gas appliances can strike at any given moment. So, before you check and clean your gas heater, make sure that it’s turned off. Make sure that power system and any circuits connecting to the furnace are turned off. Check for potential gas leaks before you begin cleaning. Gas leaks can be dangerous and can cause fatal accidents. Once you discover leaks, call a professional to have it fixed right away. Stay away from the gas until it’s completely fixed.


Clean and Replace the Filter System

The filter system is an integral part of Mannix gas heaters in Adelaide. It prevents dirt from entering the furnace, which means it can get dirty quick. Without regular maintenance, it might get clogged, which prompts your heater to use more energy and increase your monthly bills. Make sure you clean your filter regularly. If the dirt proves too much to contain, replace your filter with a new one.



Clean the Blower

Don’t forget about the blower. It should be next in line after you finished cleaning your filter system. The blower is located right after the air filter. Every little debris, dust, and dirt that penetrates through the air filter goes to the blower. That’s why you’ll have to clean it as well. Click this link to access our guide on cleaning the blower.


Clean or Repair the Ducts

The gas heating system ducts are prone to different kinds of damages, especially when you’re using a forced-air furnace. In such cases, one is required to clean ducts frequently using a high-powered vacuum cleaner. Once you’re finished, cover all ducts to prevent air from leaking into the furnace.


Always remember these tips to make sure you’ll have a worthwhile experience when cleaning Mannix gas heaters Adelaide. Get updates on different HVAC tips, and tricks sent right to your email. Sign up for our newsletter now.